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2013, Agosto - Conversations for Designing a Society kicked out a different and crossed action: graphic intervention, virtual presence and intertextuality. Access now and find about this last move:

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2013, On words - The transformation of ideas into words, and words into action is communication, which is a system. Yes, each thing is connected and the relevance of words is linked with it. The invitation is: click on the video and enjoy.


2012, Giovani Castelucci – Created the posters to disclosure Conversations for Designing a Society togetherings. Working with him was such a great experience!

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2012, first, disclosure video - On March, we shared a video named “Have a better understanding of us and get to know our coming dates”. Besides responding to the usual question we use to listen related to the work we have been doing, our intention was also to let everybody knows the dates of our coming conversations. Langu’act, Timefagy Era and Love were the themes in Conversations for Designing a Society.

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2011 launched Conversations for Designing a Society - From March to November there were nine gathering together on themes that make us invited to tell and listen to: distinction between social work and social change, desire, projects protection, syntax, cybernetics and society, performance, dialectics, human system; thus, we asked “What is your project?”. We finished the year raising a question, as we knew there would be other conversations on the following year.

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