The Work

For better quality of the living together in societies

People belong to two systems: the biological and the cultural.

Societies are consequences between one another. So it is dissatisfaction.

The understanding on the fundamentals from which we think what we think opens ways to comprehending how we design the life we live and live with in our every day; how we design societies.

Societies are designed by language because people sew relations in space and time in which biological and cultural systems happen to happen.

Language is given dimension to through thinking. And here the work we do comes up.

We inspire, sometimes, we provoke ways of thinking in order to promote structural change in relations.


Caring for recognizing paradigms, imagining what is not yet, experimenting performances, observing intentions and consequences, giving attention to desires, trying formulations and evaluating if these formulations take to desirable solutions; considering the usage of language; investigating the fundamentals from which we think what we think, we say what we say, we do what we do.

Yes, our work is recursive and oriented by imagination! And it exists for our desire is “I”s and “You”s being “Us” while lifeming.

Every desire has human basis and so we meet each other and we can mobilize for creating the societies we want, in which orientation may be the expression of the desire of and the realization of satisfaction of each one who compose the all.

That is conversation.

Societies are ongoing projects because are born with people exercising culturing – nonstop. That is why participation is fundamental, when with awareness and intention.

We are desenho de sociedade – since 2008 a unique work that connects research and knowledge production, organizing ˜togetherings” and vary activities, formation of peers.