Structural social changes for “Is” and “YOUs” to be “WE” in life is the description of what we do: we invite people to reflecting on thoughts and attitudes of our everyday so that we may understand how we design the life we live.

 More: we use systemic approach.

Systemic approach is the way of thinking that focus on relations, on consequences of these relations in small scale (like habits that generate daily dynamics); in big scale (when concerning about institutions and its decisions, which impact on the daily dynamics)…

And more. Reflection is action, because only after we may understand which relations create undesirable consequences, we may redesign them so that their consequences become the ones desired. It is a continuous movement for keeping paradigms changing, because life is a living laboratory for better responses to satisfy the necessities of organisms according to their time – always.

Thus, another way to describe our work is by saying that our interest is for transformative attitudes in small and big scales. And so we get to the question:

 What would be the coherent form to propose investment?

And so we get to the following designed answers based on two fundamental axes: our preparation for developing our work and the benefits it may bring for you.

All of our productions bring this criterium in their investment propositions.