2012 Getting together

A description

During the three last Saturdays of September “high dawn” at 9 a.m., we got together to converse with love in time and language

From the history of words in Langu’act, going through reflecting on time in Timefagy Era to get to Love as an event in the system there were intense conversation – expressed by the repertoire of each “I” when sharing what each self were or felt invited to; expressed by a pop up confusion that would not allow any understanding for a moment… Hum, friction of paradigms

 “Essential themes” said one of the friends of our work; fundamental themes as we call them. The fact is that they do not close our conversations, distinct conversations. In fact they were only a way for us to be together while creating transforming states: “someone who is interested in conversing with strangers is someone who is certainly interested in listening”. Reflection is experience; no one comes back to the same state afterwards

Were you with us?

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Information on our gathering together on 2011, access:


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